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Dream Match Tennis Pro 2.35

Dream Match Tennis Pro is the most realistic online 3D tennis game
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Dream Match Tennis Pro is a tennis game with decent 3D graphics. If you are a passionate tennis player or just a fan, then you will most likely like this game. The entertaining Dream Match Tennis Pro game was especially designed to be as easy to play as possible.

Dream Match Tennis Pro has very low system requirements so you can play it on almost any computer, even one without a video card. This game can be played in different modes: online, challenge, exhibition and World Tour. Before you try any of this I recommend you to play the tutorial or at least play in practice mode to get used with the gameplay.

The game offers thirteen unique characters with customizable outfits. Each character has strong and weak points depending on their abilities. You can test these abilities in the World Tour mode, where you will have to prove your skills by beating one hundred twenty-eight players over twelve tournaments. Dream Match Tennis Pro won’t allow you to play with a friend through the local network, because it doesn’t support playing over LAN. You can always play with your friends in player vs. player or in double mode from the same computer if one user plays using the keyboard and the other uses a gamepad. The AI has seven levels of difficulty making the game more realistic once you pass the first two levels.

To sum it all up, Dream Match Tennis Pro is a great game to play for those who are tennis fans or enjoy sport games.

Mario Procione
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  • User friendly
  • Low requierments


  • Doesn't support playing over LAN
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